Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world


Ecologie de soi – live following your own values for more serenity

My mission is to accompany people on their way to life balans by looking for their essential values.

My objective is that each individual defines his/her life purpose (personal or professional) and becomes autonomous when it comes to making choices.

Develop oneself by :

  • overcoming ones limits
  • respecting ones values
  • respecting ones emotions
  • giving purpose to each action
  • making free choices
  • with a balance towards ones environment and oneself

I coach people during the implementation of actions which respect ones values.

Who am I?

I started my professional journey in Human Resources, holding different roles in various organisations (Recruitment & Selection Consultant, Learning & evelopment, HR Business Partner).

After an in-depth reflexion on my values and ambitions, I decided to pursue my career as en HR Consultant & Coach on a freelance basis. I thus started my professional transition and I now coach people and organisation in career management of personal effectiveness. I can count on my training as coach and on my solid Human Resources experience. On top, I regulary follow trainings to develop myself, so as to give you the best coaching possible.

During my coaching you can count on my energy and optimism. People often describe my approach as: 'Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world' (Archimedes).'

On a personal level, I am a sporter in love with nature. You can regularly see me running or walking on paths and ways in Belgium. I also have a close bond with people in Transition and I participate to a Zero Waste project in my surroundings.

Florence Haelterman Coach RH

Florence Haelterman

HR Consultant & Coach


Talent Management



An Assessment Center contains a number of exercices aiming at assessing comportomental competenties of an individual for a specific role. The selection of the different assessment tools depend on the role and the company.

A Development Center uses the same tools and techniques but has the aim to develop the individual.


Career management contains a number of activities oneself can take to pursue a professional career in- or outside a company so as to enable him/her to develop taking into account his/her skills, personality and values.

Career management is a process that exists throughout ones career.


A professional transition can occur after a big change in ones stable and linear career experience. The change can in some instances to turn out better than expected depending on our context or the resources one might think has.

Change can also bring uncertainties or doubts along, which helps one to ask him-/herself questions and whereby external help is needed.


Coaching is a learning process whereby one leanrs to take action in full autonomy towards his/her issue. The mirroring effect helps the coachee to be an actor of his/her own development project.

Mu coaching method is based around 3 realms:

  • My realm
  • The relation realm
  • The system realm


Training is organised in groups of around 12 participants and has a specific subject. This subject is defined upfront with the customer, so as to ensure that the needs of the group is addressed.

The used method is a mix of theory and practical exercices.



Pression is currently part of our daily lives and we each manage it differently. Those who effeciently manage and avoid falling into the trap of chronical stress have learnt to handle stress, to juggle with their ideas and to identify their energy sources.


DISC is a tool which helps decipher oneself communication and attitude. Having a better comprehension of ones DISC-profile helps to understand reactions towards specific situations; e.g. stress, crisis, teamwork etc.

It is a tool helping to adapt ones behavior and making better choices during a professional career.


Mental overload, busy lives, daily disorder; how to handle this? Part of the solution consists in taking back control on your life en your organisation (family related or work/life balans).

Ready to start a deep reflection and to implement some action to simplify your life?


Climate marches, need to be closer to the nature and closer to real values. Why not try to get closer to a zero waste lifestyle?

Taking small steps and reconsidering our lifes can help to set up an action plan to better manage our waste management.


Florence is a very energetic and people oriented person who stimulates creativity ! She gives thoughtful pieces of advices for person’s career move and genuinly supports the person’s well-being ! In addition to her excellent HR professional skills, she is eager to help people to bring out their best capability and find their balance and happiness in the society!

Krisztina K.