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Coaching – Actively changing

coaching de carrière



The objective of a career- or transition coaching is to be able to manage your career according to your own values and drivers and being able to make your own choices. During the coaching I use exercices, tools and a personality profile (DISC).


  • Changing roles?
  • Not feeling well in your position?
  • Looking for a new challenge?
  • Help needed with your search towards employment?
  • Which strategy to use?
  • How do I make an attractive CV?
  • Do you want to prepare for interviews?


  • Self-awareness: who am I, what am I like, what are my drivers?
  • Self-consciousness: talents, values and interests
  • Designing your project: your professional plan
  • Getting autonomous: your action plan


After a coaching you gain:

  • increased self-awareness
  • knowledge of your values and drivers
  • a common thread for you professional choices
  • an action plan



We all know that 'prevention is better than cure'. The same goes for stress, whereby it is important to enhance your stress management skills, instead of living with the negative consequences. Coaching for a better stress management has a focus on your stress sources en how you can cope with them, as well as on the development of own tools by daily exercices.

Together we browse through 3 essential domains: how do I feel, what are my professional choices, how do I develop my skills.


  • High workload?
  • Tired and lack of energy after work?
  • Loss of control over what you encounter?

Content of a coaching:

  • Your reality: reason of your call? What is your current environment like? What are your expectations? What is your story?
  • Your resources and energy: identification and development
  • Stress and emotions: which coping strategy to use and how to manage them?
  • You skills: identification and development
  • Work-/life balans and reconnecting to yourself
  • Prevention


  • Better self-awareness and knowledge of your values
  • Ability to detect alarmbells
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased energy level and resilience

Attention: when stress level is critical, whereby a burn-out is suspected, I could advise you to first turn to a medical professional (such as a GP or psychologist).

Gestion du stress

Consultant RH en entreprises


The Thread:

  • Drafting a competency map: skill map, development centers
  • Training employees: career or stress management
  • Selection of candidates: interviews, assessment centers

For whom?

  • HR-organisations
  • SME's looking for a professional HR-support
  • Companies willing to invest in their Human Capital
  • Small companies facing HR-challenges